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I Love You Jesus Chords

Song: I Love You Jesus
Artist: Carter Conlon
Transposed: Rommel Valenzuela

I Love You Love You
          F#m7     G
Love You Jesus
        G/A            Bm7       G/A
And I praise Your Holy Name
D                      F#m7     G
You are the Alpha and Omega
            G/A       A          D
Youre the First, the Last, the Same
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D            D/F#           G      A/G
You let them hang You on a tree
                          F#m7       Bm7
Died for sinners just like me
                           E79       Em7
I raise my voice up with a cry
                   G/A                 D
Your nail scarred hands have dried my eyes 

It transposes a half step up after going through the song once to the key of Eb