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Sullivan Acoustic Chords

Alright then. This is my first tab. Forced to do so because no one else has bothered to
it yet. This is an awesome song and i hope i came close. The verse and chorus follow the
patterns all the way through. Use the intro progession for the little break down part 
the end. And for the slower parts just finger pick.

   E  G  C  A  D

Intro: E, C x4

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it's not hard to reach back to the day
G               C
underneath that iowa sun
running to the tower of waterloo
G                     C
looking for the Sullivan's train to come
and his five boys would run to the top
G               C
and salute him as he went by
E              G
first we'd wave hello
A             C
then we'd wave goodbye, Daddy goodbye

it's not hard to reach back to the days
G                C
after the attack on pearl
overnight my buddies turned into men
G                       C
running out of time for games and girls
and the Sullivan boys were not overlooked
G                      C
Uncle Sam'll call them each by name
E             G         A         C
the very next day they left on a mystery train

E      D      A      C
say goodbye, Mrs. Sullivan
E       D       A     C
and don't you cry

E                 D
"-We regret to inform you
A                  C
the Navy has taken your sons away-"
E        D      A       C
all five... so put your blue stars in the window