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Nothing To Prove Chords

Caroline's Spine
"Nothing to Prove"	    Tabbed By Doug VanHartesveldt

CAPO 4  (its the only spine song that involves a capo)
all numbers are realitive to the capo. if i put 3, its
the third fret
from the capo, or the 7th fret on the guitar.
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this shows the correct chords and shows the slide, but
dont take this
exactly as written! i didnt put the timing or how many
times the chord
is strummed. this is just to let you know that it
starts and ends on
Cadd9 and slides up to Dadd9 at some point.

the chorus is simple, just
Cadd9  |G/D  |D  |Cadd9
Cadd9  |G/D  |D  |A7

heres the voicings for the chords
Cadd9-   X32033
Dadd9-   X54055
G/D-      320033
D-         XX0232
A7-       X02023

i dont think i missed anything, but i may have.