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Im Feeling You Chords

Capo I

D   Em
Sometimes I
D              Em
imagine a world without you
D        Em               D                Em
But most times I'm just so happy that I ever found you It's a
Bm          Em
complicated web That you
Bm              Em
weave inside my head So much
Bm                 Em
pleasure with such pain I hope we
D             A
always always stay the same
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D              Em               G
I'm feeling the way you cross my mind
        A                      D
And you save me in the knick of time
               Em                     G
I'm riding the highs, I'm digging the lows
'Cause at least I feel alive
Bm          Em      Bm              Em
I've never faced so many emotional days
  D             Em
But my, life is good
            D    Em
I'm feeling you
            D    Em
I'm feeling you