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Amazing Grace Intro Chords

By: Alex Ooi,16yo [Malaysia]

Today while I was strumming chords for fun, I got the Amazing Grace chords impromptu - 
funny could it be...

So, here it is. They are
G [320033]
Em [022000]
C [032010]
Bm [004430]

*Note, for chords Em, C and Bm, I prefer strumming all the strings so that it could 
a little 'fuller' if you get what I mean?
[ Tab from: ]
 G (G)  Em     (Em)C     (C) Bm
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
(Bm) G    (G)Em     (Em)  C
That saved a wretch like me
(C)G     (G)  Bm   (Bm) G   (G) Bm
I was... once lost, but now I'm found
(Bm)G     (G) Em (Em) C
Was blind but now I see...

**Note: I think the rest goes according to these chords too.

PS:The chords in the brackets mean you strum it quick before strumming the next chords. 
I am not attending any classes, so I dunno any special terms for anything... Please help 
to improve by commenting. Thank you.

PSS: Sorry if my English sucked a little. I realized that I am not undergoing any 
Test, so there's  no need for me to make it REALLY perfect. Sorry again. Hope you enjoy. =)