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Baby Ride Easy Chords

Intro: Em D Cadd9 G D

If I drove a truck 
And I were waitress 
And I ordered coffee 
And I poured you some 
 C                         G                        
Then you'd stop by on your way sometime later 
                           D            G
And if we arm-wrestled I'd say that you won 
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Em               D
Ai-eeee my baby, ride easy 
     Cadd9                  G    D
Ride high in the saddle all day 
        G         C
If your lovin' is good 
         D             G
And your cookin' ain't greasy 
      G            Cadd9
HITCH UP the chuck wagon 
    D          G
And we'll ride away 

If I were a winsome pale senorita 
And I a bull-fighter, down in the sand 
While the band kept on playing that Old Paso Doble 
I'd throw you a flower 
Would you take my hand? 


If I ran the country 
Yeah I'd be your first lady 
And fix up the white house 
While you were away 
Waitin' while I'm passing time with world leaders 
And later together alone we might lay