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Everlasting Love Chords

Capo 2nd Fret
Standard Tuning
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Intro: G - Am - Cm - G
    G             Am          Cm             G
    Hearts go astray, leaving hurt when they go.
            Am            Cm             G
    I went away just when you needed me so, oh, yeah.
                Am            Cm           G
    Filled with regret I come back beggin’ you :
             Am                   Cm                Em  -A
    Forgive, forget ! Where’s the love we once knew ?
     D            A                 G
1.   Open up your eyes, then you’ll realize,
                      Em     A       D
    here I stand with my everlasting love.
                   A                    G
    Need you by my side, girl, to be my bride,
                       Em      A       D
    you’ll never be denied everlasting love.
                   A                 G
    From the very start open up your heart,
                 Em          A       D
    be a lasting part of everlasting love.
    Bm     Gm                   D          
    Oh !  Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah !
2.   G - Am - Cm - G         G - Am - Cm      - Em - EmA
    D                       A                   G
    When life’s filled with woes, no one really knows,
                            Em              A       D
    till someone’s there to show the way to lasting love.
                      A                    G
    Like the sun that shines, endlessly it shines,
                       Em          A        D
     you always will be mine, it’s eternal love.
                        A                   G
    When other loves are gone, ours will be strong,
                     Em       A      D
    we have our very own everlasting love.
    A    Bb   D
    Ooh, hoo, hoo.            + repeat verse 1