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Carnival Chords

I hear there's two versions to this song, a fast and a slow one, and i guess the 
order for the chorus and the verses are different...
i only heard the fast one....
so i'm gonna name the first part of the song verse, and the later chorus. 
follow the lyrics...


Em9   A
I will never know
      Dsus2   Bm   
cause you will never show


Em9        A
come on and love me now
Dsus2      Bm
come on and love me now

Em9        A    
come on and love me now (the part just before chorus)

[bridge/solo] --------


[ Tab from: ]
Em7      Em7        D        Dsus2
Carnival came by my town today bright lights from 
Em7      Em7             D      Dsus2
giant wheels fall on the alleyways and I'm here
Em7       Daug        Bm 
by my door wating for you

That's pretty much it. 

For your convenience, some tabs for the chords. 

Em9    Em7  Dsus2      Daug

-2-    -0-  -0-         -x-  
-3-    -3-  -3-         -3-  
-0-    -0-  -2-         -3-  
-2-    -2-  -0-         -4-  
-2-    -2-  -x-         -5-  
-0-    -0-  -x-         -x-  

Sincerely yours, 
Pablo de Santa Monica.

Corrections Please!!