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Under The Wire Chords

Tabbed by: SANDROK



   F                   C            G
                  F  C  G
I need to feel redeemed.
                   F    C   G
I'm going sideways down,
                F   C  G
An ever-winding road
                       F  C  G
With an ever unbinding load,
                F   C  G
Of a one-track mind,
                  F  C  G
Of a love that's lost somehow,
              F  C  G
Of a flashing sign,
               F  C  G
I'm under the wire now.

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Am        Fmaj7      C              G
Under the wire I'm a train down the line.
        Am              Fmaj7     C             G
Nothing left to lose or gain, But distance over time.

Am        Fmaj7          C                G
Under the wire, Over all that we've been through.
             Am       Fmaj7      C  G
Tell me what to do to get to you.

                    F  C  G                 F  
I need to feel the breeze,   of a new day's dawn.
              F  C  G                              F 
C  G
I need to be released, From the cold steel rail I'm on.
                     F  C  G                     F  
Shake the love for a woman Break the emotion overdrive.
                    F  C  G                        F 
C  G
Take the train to oblivion, At the crossing of our lives.

                F  C  G
I need to feel redeemed.
                      F  C  G
I wear my heart on a grimy sleeve.
                       F  C  G
I bear the pressure of oil and moving steam.
               F  C  G
Unaware of my gaining speed.
                 F  C  G
I'm prepared to move ahead, take the lead...

I am a steel freight train...
I am a train wreck, hauling back to yo