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Grey Sky Eyes Chords

i saw that they tabbed Dadd9 and G/B differently then i thought, play them

Dadd9- same form as C chord just move down 2 frets so x504030 (C is x32010)

G/B- very easy, x2003x    P.S. and G is played 32033

( You may have seen this song differently but this is how you really play it)

Intro-(Strum once and gradually)-G D/F# Em D C
D G (Repeat)

(Same pattern throughout all verses, always a gradual strum)

G     D/F#    Em   D
 Grey sky, always in your eye
C             D               G
 Where is the girl behind the cloud
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G     D/F#    Em    D
 Grey sky, always floating by
C            D            G
 But i only peek when im allowed

(in chorus play chords not just gradual strum)
      C         D            G/B        C
 You welcome me in, but your veil is so thin
           C      Dadd9       G
 but the mystery continues to grow
 (Same chords for next part of chorus)

 You say you must realize that my grey sky eyes
 Neither rain nor they glow now you know

(instrumental break)

Verse 2
Tag:  C Dadd9 G

Solo Section:
(Repeat the following) A5 B5 C5 D5 E5 D5E5 D5 C5 B5 C5 D5

(instrumental Break)

verse 3
    (dropout for the 1st part then strum for the 2nd part)

Outro (same asthe tag, 3 times then end)