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Eye Of Fatima Chords

G E (x2)
F C G A#m D
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G                                 E
He's got the Eye of Fatima on the wall of his room.
    G                          E
Two bottles of tequila, three cats and a broom.
He's got an 18-year-old angel
and she's all dressed in black.
            G          A#m                   D
He's got 15 bindles of cocaine tied up in a sack.

And this here's a government experiment
and we're driving like Hell.
To get some cowboys some acid and to stay in motels.
We're going to eat up some wide open spaces
Like it was a cruise on the Nile.
Take the hands off the clock,
we're going to be here a while.

And I am the Eye of Fatima
on the wall of the motel room.
And cowboys on acid are like Egyptian cartoons.
And no one ever conquered Wyoming
from the left or from the right.
But you can stay in motel rooms and stay up all night.