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Wherever You Will Go Acoustic Tab

The Calling
"Wherever You Will Go(Acoustic)"
Camino Palmero
(RCA) 2001 The Calling  

Hey i'm dave and this is the tab for the acoustic version of "wherever you will 
go" by the calling... i've listened to it many a times and it is perfect...
note* this is for acoustic guitar.. i haven't played it on electric yet but
it mite sound just fine.. try it!! it is played in standard tuning.. as always
tho, make sure you tune your guitar before playing or it will sound really flat
and will sound like you are missing the chord changes and things like that... 
so its not recommended playing it with an untuned guitar

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-----------3---------3-----3---3------  repeat through to
-----2---2---2---------0-0---0--------       chorus

-2---2---4------------------------ listen for chord changes 
-----2---4------------------------    (not hard at all) 


strum chorus into where they play intro again into chords again....

end on:  -x-