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Believing Chords

Capo on 1st Fret

I'm one man to make a difference
I'm one soul all persistance
Cadd9                                          G     D/F#
In a dark world, just trying to make things right

Choices we weren't given
Any heroes, and our decision
Is to stand up and fight for ourselves

        G                    D/F#
To be free is all we want to be
                 Cadd9       Cmadd9
When everything seems so far out of reach
        G                    D/F#
But I know, no matter where we go
                 Cadd9       Cmadd9
I`ll never stop believing in me
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Woke up bent and broken
Just to see that fate has spoken
And I call out I call out for change
For every moment that remains
For every sinking stone to find its place
Long before they're washed away

To be free is all we want to be ...

Am*         Cadd9
We've been waiting for too long
Am*         Cadd9
We've been giving in to wrong
Am*         Cadd9           Cmadd9     G 
And we've been broken to pieces one by one

We're gonna know
We're gonna know
          G        D/F#
When the moment comes

To be free is all we want to be ... x2

In my opinion itīs the best song on TWO. Enjoy it. If you know how to play "Take hold
of me" please post it or send it to me by e-mail.