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The Calling - Adrienne

I tabbed out the intro before.i've made some small changes to the chords and added
the post chorus riff.I think it sounds good for now but i hope this will lead 
somebody to tab out the whole song a bit more accuratly.this does sound good


Intro:  em7   D   C   Cadd9(032033) D
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		        em7       D 
I've been thinkin about you, my love
    C                             Cadd9   D
And all the crazy things that you put me through
        em7                 D               C      Cadd9
Now I'm coming around, and throwing it back to you
 D                  em7           D    
Do you think about me, when you kiss him
        C                 Cadd9      D 
Can you taste me when you lick his skin
    em7                   D              C            Cadd9     D
And all the while, I showered you with trust and promises
         em7                 D 
What I'm needing now's some sweet revenge
   C                    Cadd9  D
To get back all that I lost then
  em7             D
I gave you all I had to give
    C             C      Cadd9 D
But I could never reach you

    em7       D   Cadd9       D
Adrienne, I thought I knew you
em7      D        Cadd9       D
Once again, you used me, used me

Adrienne, I should have left you

Long before, you used me, used me up 


Always spent my money,drove my car,
I treated you like a shining star,
But in my sky all ??? you are,
an i'll have the last laugh

when i see you walking with some other guy,
cos i know your gona end up all alone
so take.....