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Sanctuary Chords

ahh. 1st timer! hehe.. kng mali pasensya na, subok lng :) pnakingan ko lng kc kya bka 
mali.. kau nlng bhla..:) ddc8 ko toh pra ky bata! =p peace!

intro: G G/F#m Em C Em (2x)

versI: C D

i know i can never be enough
but i'll always be here
i know that my words are simple and shallow
but i mean everything i say and do

i know i dont have a diamond ring
to put on your finger
but i will see to it that we will
always be together

Refrain: Bm C D

And i thank you from
the bottom of my heart
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Chorus: G C Em D

You are my light, you are my home
you are my sanctuary
You are my peace, you give me hope
you are my sanctuary

verseII: (same chords as verseI)

you are my better half
you taught me things that i need
to know
and you made me realize that life
is not just a simple song
(repeat refrain)
(repaet chorus)

Chorus: G C Em D

you are m guide when iam lost
you are my santuary
you are the heart that
keeps me alive
you are my sanctuary

you are the kiss that makes me strong
you are my sanctuary
you are the warmth when i feel cold
you are my sanctuary
My sanctuary

Un na.. hehe :)