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Puerto Chords

Title: Puerto
Band: Calexico
Album: Algiers (2012)

Capo 5th Fret

Intro: Am-E 

Play like this: 
Verse 1
Am                      E
Lupita's 'gonna weave a path to the land up north
Am              E
'Gonna find her way through the thick of it all
Am             E
Looking at the lights dancing in the sky
Am           E
Hoping for a fallen star

Spanish part
Am                                                 E
Me consuelo viendo estrellas bailando en el puerto

Dm                         Am                         E
Brought them gold from the country to help cure their illness
Dm                   Am                   E
But they landed with only one purpose for conquest
Dm                        Am                 E     E7       
Though there's still this wave of unsettling hunger that never disappears

Am-E-Am-E (like Intro)

Verse 2
Am                E                        
Rigo working one, two, three different jobs 
Am                     E
And when he comes back home he welds into the night
Am            E
Builds an air balloon for his pickup truck
Am                E
'Gonna fly up and over the wall
Am                  Am/F#
If everything stays exactly the same
Am/F                         E
   Then nothing can move and nothing can change
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Spanish part
Am                                             E
Me siento ese pájaro que danza sobre el puerto

Dm                     Am              E
Carried ships from the sea up over the mountains
Dm                         Am                     E 
The warriors fell to their knees by the invisible virus
Dm                Am                           E    E7
And still you can feel this wave of unsettling anger that never disappears

Am-E-Am-E (like Intro)

Verse 3
Am                   E
She's talking on the phone in the heart of town
Am             E
To her Bachata Mama in the heart of the world
Am                  E
Saying "please come back to Santo Domingo
Am            E
Why you gotta be so far away"

Am                  Am/F#
If everything stays exactly the same
Am/F                         E 
    Then no one can move and no one can change

Spanish part
Am                                     E
Amo ver la Luna vacilando en el puerto

Dm                    Am                E
No one fortelling the depth and type of destruction
Dm              Am                       E
Nor the sadness trapped on the tongue of Malinche
Dm           Am                           E
Quetzalcoatl feathers strewn out over the altar
Dm                     Am                   E                      
Blood running down the pyramid steps in the morning
Dm                Am                   E
Codices lost to a language that's been broken
Dm                   Am                 E    E7
There's this growing sense of impending anger that never disappears

Am-E-Am-E (like Intro)

Spanish part
Am      E         Am          E
Ninguna entrada , queda en el puerto