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Lead Of Love Chords

==============================                    =========================
Lead Of Love---Caedmon's Call---------------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
==============================                    =========================

Capo 2 in E (F#), standard-tuned six-string acoustic.  Quick tempo in
4.  This also sounds great on a 12-string.

This is a simple song that can work well with a single guitar and 
even with a single voice.  It's all strumming, except for some 
optionial flat-picking for the intro.

Chord fingerings:

e|---0----------------0(2,0,0)----0----0---        ---0----0---
b|---0----------------0(0,2,0)----0----0---        ---0----0---
g|---1(h2,p1)----(1h2)2-----------4----6---        ---6----8---
d|---2----------------2-----------4----6---        ---7----9---
a|---2----------------0-----------2----4---        ---7----9---
e|---0----------------x-----------x----x---        ---5----7---
     E               A9         Bsus4 C#m7           (A9 Bsus4)
                                               (try these alternate
() = optional/ad-lib                            fingerings to spice
h  = hammer-on                                  up the guitar solo
p  = pull-off                                   section)
s  = slide

   Opening to "Lead of Love"
   Written by Aaron Tate
   Arranged by Caedmon's Call
   Transcribed by Alex. =)

   Here's the opening of "Lead of Love." Just capo on 2, it's all on
   the highest three strings (G, B, E). The highest two strings (B, E) 
   are always open (no fingers, just play the capoed note), so 
   basically you just move up and down the G string. Just make sure 
   your finger doesn't hit the open strings, to keep them ringing.

   Since the highest two strings are always open, I numbered them as 0, 
   (even though they're technically 2nd fret because of the capo), but
   for the G string I've named the fret by the ACTUAL number, so it's 
   easier to figure out where you are that way.

   And as in all tab, make sure you're reading this in a font that 
   gives equal spaces for each character (ex. courier), or else the 
   lines won't line up.



   * = these three notes are rhythmically faster, cross 
       the strings quick.
   11/13 = slide from 11 to 13
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[intro]  E, A9, E, A9


     Normally Alex's version of the intro is better, but on a 12-string 
use this version on just the bottom two "courses" (pairs of strings), b 
and e.  I run through the intro lick--Alex's unless I'm on a 
12-string--once, and then I start strumming the full chords.

     Once you go to strumming full chords, the easiest way is to use 
the basic E and A9 fingerings.  This way your hand is always in the 
same position at the second fret.  You can also add the hammer to the E 
and the optional notes to the A9 with your pinky finger.  This puts 
part of the intro lick within the chords and spices things up a bit.  
But here's an even better way that's not much more difficult:

     E   Emaj7     Esus6   E         A9  Asus6      A(9)   A9

     These chords also contain the intro lick and sound much better 
than just the basic E and A9.  I use these in the intro, after the 
first chorus, and in the outro, though I use the basic E and A9 for 
about half of the outro to keep these from getting monotonous.  Note 
that you can play all this keeping your ring finger on the 4th string.

[verse 1]
E      A9
E      A9

[verse 2]
E      A9
E      A9

E      A9
E      Bsus4
C#m7   Bsus4  C#m7   Bsus4

E      A9
E      Bsus4 (one clean strum)

[verse 3]
E      A9
E      A9

[repeat bridge]
E      A9
E      Bsus4
C#m7   Bsus4  C#m7   Bsus4

[repeat chorus]
E      A9
E      Bsus4

[guitar solo]  A9, Bsus4 (4x)

[repeat chorus]
E       A9
E       Bsus4 (one hard strum, then building to the E)

[outro]  E, A9 (4x) E