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Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 13:16:30 GMT

The Byrds          What's Happening            written by David Crosby
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G    B7           Em      F
     I don't know who you think you are
G    B7           Em        F        D
     I don't know what your doing
G    B7           Em           F
     I don't know what's going on here
G    B7           Em           F         D
     I don't know how it's suppose to be
G    B7            Em         F
     I don't have the vaguest notion
G    B7              Em           F        D
      Whose it is    or what it's all for
G    B7           Em      F
     I don't know I'm not crying
G    B7              Em         F          D               G
     Laughing mostly as you can see

            Copyright @ 1966 Tickson Music
            From the "Fifth Dimension"  LP Columbia Records 1966