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My Back Pages - The Byrds

(12 str)

(riff 1)
E      E6sus4


   E       C#m         G#m
(1)crimson flames tied through my ears
(2)half wracked prejudice Leaped forth
(3)in a soldiers stance I aimed my hand
(4)yes my guard stood hard when abstract threats

        Asus2    Bsus4      E   Esus4
rolling high and mighty traps
rip down all hate screamed
at the mongrel dogs who teach
too noble to neglect

E         #m      G#m
countless fire on flaming roads
lies that life is black and white
fearing not that id become my enemy
deceived me into thinking

      A          B
using ideas as my maps
spoke from my skull i dreamed
in the instant that i preach
i had something to protect
[ Tab from: ]
     C#m            G#m
well meet on edges soon said i
romantic facts flanks of musketeers
my pathway led sisters fled by confusion boats
good and bad i define these terms

A                   B
proud beneath heated brow
foundationed deep somehow
mutiny from stern to bow
quite clear no doubt somehow

      E             A     E
ah but i was so much older then
    A      Bsus4     E(w/riff 1)
im younger than that now