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Eight Miles High Chords

 Em          G   D              C              G
 Eight miles high, and when you touch down.

                   D             C
 You'll find that, it's stranger than known.

 Em            G      D               C                G
 Sign's in the street, that say where you're going.

                D          C
 Are somewhere, just being their own.

 Em      G  D                C            G
 Nowhere is, there warmth to be found.
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             D                 C
 Among those afraid, of losing their ground.

 Em        G    D          C              G
 Rain grey town, known for it's sound.

          D             C
 In places, small faces unbound.

 Em        G      D         C             G
 Round the squares, huddled in storms.

              D                     C
 Some laughing, some just shapeless forms.

 Em       G     D               C          G
 Sidewalk scenes, and black limousines.

            D                 C
 Some living, some just stand alone.