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The Byrds  Don't Doubt Yourself  written by Jackie DeShannon
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G              G7                   C                     Cm
Don't doubt yourself babe, let your feet stand up for your beliefs
        G                   C
Babe, I know what's running through your mind
   G                   C
You think you ought to capture time
G                               D      C     D
Make love walk the straight and narrow,oh,oh,oh
G                G7                   C
Don't doubt yourself,gal,let what's inside be your guide
         Cm        G                         C
You know darn well, all the wrong that's been done to you
     G                     C
It's made you prettier, so don't be blue
G                               C
The life you've lived, and what you've been through,
       D     C   D
You're lucky oh,oh,oh
G               G7        C                           Cm
Don't doubt yourself when daylight fades and darkness begins
     G            C             G
It's only come to show you that you're one
Who knows where it's at
    G                      C               D       C     D
The rest who think they've got it pat know nothing oh,oh,oh
G               G7                 C                         Cm
Don't doubt yourself 'cause at the end of your words no one applaudes
    G               C
The truth is proven to be found
G                     C
Harder to take the first time around
   G                                  D      C     D
So don't you worry, it's gonna be all right, oh,oh,oh

G F G    G F G  G F G     D   C     G F G  G F G

>From The Mr Tambourine Man LP
Columbia Records  1965