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Your Beloved Chords

By the Tree is AMAZING and hopefully will make it big after the whole Planet Wisdom
thing. That's where I became a fan.

Okay, the first time through, it's just the piano playing block chords, but the
acoustic guitar takes it from there. Here are lyrics and chords:
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G           Bm    C
Lord it was You
                G        D
You created the heavens
G           Bm           C
Lord it was Your hands
                            D       G
That put the stars in their place
           Bm          C
Lord it is Your voice
                  G    D
That commands the morning
            Em    D         G
Cause even oceans and their waves
            C       D
Bow at Your feet, O God

Am         Em
Lord who am I
                 D2   D   D2   D
Compared to Your glory
Am          Em
Lord who am I
                 D            C
Compared to your majesty

Iím Your beloved
Your creation
        C           D
And You love me as I am
You call me chosen
For Your kingdom
     C                     D
Unashamed to call me Your own
               Em    D   G   C
Cause Iím Your beloved