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Testosterone Bass Tab

Bush- Testosterone - original tab by: Jeff Sawyer- ssawyer444@cs.com

Correction for short fingered 
bass players (HAHA) by: Shannon Merritt  - saxmon@gnt.net

Jeff used the 'F' (8th fret) on the 'A' string but since
my dexterity isn't always the best...i've substituted the
'A' string 8th fret with the 'D' string 3rd fret...Doesn't
have the heavy pitch of the original...but it can be reached
with sacrificing timing and sounding completely off from the
rest of your band...hey...it works for me!!

Main Riff Intro/Verse (the Jeff version...still quite cool)

G |---------------------||----------------------------|
D |---------------------||----------------------------|
A |--3--5--8---5-3-3-5--||----------------------------|
E |---------------------||-------2--2-2-2--3----------|
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bush/testosterone_btab.html ]
....and the "Shorty" version
G |---------------------||----------------------------|
D |--------3------------||----------------------------|
A |--3--5------5-3-3-5--||----------------------------|
E |---------------------||-------2--2-2-2--3----------|

...the rest is played the same way as before...

"Never been wrong." AND Guitar Solo

G |------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------|
A |--3--5-5-5---3--5-5-5--3---5-5------------------|
E |-----------------------------------2--2-2-2--3--|

"Got a big old gun."

G |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------3*------3-----5---5-5-----------5-------------5-------------5*-|
E |--5*------5*-----------------5--55-33------5--55-33------5--55-33----|