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Sound Of Winter Chords

I can't believe no one has posted this yet so here it is. Play it how you want but 
I like to start it out on an 8 count per measure like the original song. Make it 
your own and HAVE FUN!

Em                          C
Mindstrong      Body Strong
Try to find.... equilibrium 
Head Straight   Screwed on 

Screwed up.... for too long
Am      C                   Em
I don't want to lean on the waves
I watch the storm evaporate
           Am               Em
I think of you n the starry skies
I keep you so alive...

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bush/sound_of_winter_crd.html ]
Am                    G
Lets walk through the fire together
Em                D      C
Disappear in the golden sands
                Am                Em
Its all in your face    I see you break
             D        C
Its like the sound of winter
             Am                Em
The bleeding love   The silent escape
              D              C
You've got to hang on to yourself
              D        Em
It's like the sound of winter

Medusa Smiles     Judas lips
Open arms....  fingertips
Love bites   and recompense
I'll be with you... until the end

And thats it!!!!! =)