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Little Things Chords

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From:  (Robert Shively)
Date: 10 Jun 1995 18:44:32 GMT
Subject: TAB: Bush - "Little Things"

Anyway, if you really want the real Little Things,
and aren't tuned down, then it goes:

E ---------------------------
B ---------------------------
G -------------5-5--5-5---7-7
D -7-7---3-3---5-5--5-5---7-7
A -7-7---3-3---3-3--3-3---5-5
E -5-5---1-1-----------------

and the arpeggioed (isn't that how you spell it?) part

E -------------------------------
B -------------------------------
G -----5-------5-------5-------7-
D ---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---
A -3-------3-------3-------3-----
E -------------------------------

If you want the entire thing, email me.

Bobby Shively

From: OllieOne@aol.com
Subject: Tabliture
Group: Bush
Song: Little Things

transcribed by -------------Michael R Oliver------------------

note: if you download this song and print it out, go into windows and
download it from the NOTEPAD, not WRITE, or ANYTHING ELSE.  If you don't
print it out on the NOTEPAD all the tabliture will come out funny!

This is the new Bush single. It is another great song of the awesome
sixteen stone album.  This song is yet another masterpiece of Gavin
Rossdale.  This song isn't that hard at all.  I've made an attempt
at some of the rythm fills of the song, they are not that accurate, but 
will do.  I don't have my guitar by me right now so I probably have
many mistakes in here........oh well, I'm sure you will figure them out

There is basically one chord progression for the entire song.  
these are the four chords basically used for little things.

B |-----| G |-----| D |-----| E |-----| 
  |-----|   |-----|   |-----|   |-----|
  |--4--|   |-----|   |--7--|   |--9--|
  |--4--|   |--5--|   |--7--|   |--9--|
  |--2--|   |--5--|   |--5--|   |--7--|
  |-----|   |--3--|   |-----|   |-----|

the progression just is B-G-D-E through the entire song.

This is played in the beginning, the chorus and maybe (i'm not sure) at
some other points in the song.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bush/little_things_crd.html ]
h=hammer on note
p=pull of note

Some other times in the song, he picks out the chords:
E |-------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------| (or something like that)
G |------4---------------7--------9-----|
D |----4---4-----5-----7---7----9---9---|
A |--2---------5---5-5-------5s7--------|
E |----------3--------------------------|

this part comes in at about 1.31 minutes
E |---------------------------------------------|
B |--------8---10-8-----8-----------------------| (it's late, i'm tired,
G |--7h9-7---7------9-7----7-9-7-5-7-5-4-5-4-2--|  here is all i could
D |---------------------------------------------|  come up with)
A |---------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

this little thingy comes in every once is a while, at .44 seconds, 
1.11 minutes, 2.01 seconds, and maybe in some other spots.
E |----------|
B |----------|
G |--7s9-7v--|
D |----------|
A |----------|
E |----------|

***there is also some other solo parts that are more diffcult and longer, 
  if you really need them (and i mean that you are playing a club and need 
  them to make the song to sound almost perfect) then e-mail me 
  (OllieOne@aol.com) and ask really nicely and I will tab them out and 
  personally e-mail them to you.  Right now i have no time 
  p.s. if you need them just to play by yourself in the basement, then
  please don't ask me, 
Bass guitar
this is the bass part that is played during the verses 
    B        G      D        E       
G |------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |--2-2-2-2---------5-5-5-5--7-7-7-7--|
E |----------3-3-3-3-------------------|

for the chorus, he just plays the B-G-D-E notes along with the guitar


other than that, that is basically it.

any corrections (which there will probabaly will be), suggestions,
comments, THANK-YOU notes, requests or anything else, just e-mail
 me and i will eventually get back to you.

remember, print it out on the NOTEPAD in windows!