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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: OllieOne@aol.com
Group: Bush
Song: Alien
| Michael R. Oliver |
when you download this song, print it out through the NOTEPAD on
windows or else it will come out funny.

This song is a really cool & mellow song written by Gavin Rossdale.
It is off the Sixteen Stone album.  If anyone has any information 
Bush touring New York area, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, e-mail me.  
here is the song. (this is the best i could do!)

Bass parts
in the song, there are many parts where the bass plays the main riff.
it is basically the same riff with a slight variation.

G |---------------------------------------------------------|
D |---11-----9----7---9--7--2---4------4-----4-----4---4----|
A |-0-----0-----0---0-------0---0---0-----0-----0----0---0--|
E |---------------------------------------------------------|

G |---------------------------------------------------------|
D |---11-----9----7---7---7--9--4----4---4---4--------------|
A |-0-----0-----0---0---0----0--0--0---0---0----------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------|

**guitar will sometimes play the same thing as the bass is playing

s=let note or notes ring
h=hammer on

part A:
i'm pretty sure that this is the chorus

A |-----| G |-----| D |-----| B |-----| 
  |-----|   |-----|   |-----|   |-----|
  |-----|   |-----|   |--7--|   |--4--|
  |--7--|   |--5--|   |--7--|   |--4--| (the B could be a C-chord)
  |--7--|   |--5--|   |--5--|   |--2--|
  |--5--|   |--3--|   |-----|   |-----|

the chorus pretty much goes like that A-G-D-B progression

Fill #1:
this is played frequently in the song, if you listen
you will be able to here where.
E |--------------------------|
B |--------------------------|
G |--------------------------| (play as many times as needed)
D |--9h11--9h11--9h11--9h11--|
A |--------------------------|
E |--------------------------|


Fill #2:
this part comes in at 1.50 in the song (after 1st chorus), and 
maybe some other parts, i don't know i didn't check.
E |---------------------------------|
B |-----5-----------5--------5------|(play as many times as needed)
G |-----------7---------7--------7--|(improvise when needed)
D |--7-----7-----7----7----7---7----|
A |---------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------|


Fill #3:
this part comes in at about 2.05
E |------------------------|
B |------------------------|
G |--9--9---7--------------| 
D |------------7--7--9h11--|
A |------------------------|
E |------------------------|

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bush/alien_tab.html ]
Fill #4:
this part comes in at about 2.27, it is a gradual bend
    *              ** 
E |-------------------|
B |-------------------|
G |--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--| (close enough) 
D |-------------------|
A |-------------------|
E |-------------------|
*=start gradual bend, bend up 1/2 step slowly
**=finish of last note when you finally reach the 1/2 step bend


Fill #5:
starts at 3.01, then just play the octave slide again at about 3.11, 
3.19, 3.26, and maybe at some other places that i missed

     bend up a whole step
E |--------------------------------------------|
B |--/\----------------------------------------|
G |--9---7v---9---7--7--x--x--7/9--9--9--9/11--|
D |---------------------x--x-------------------|
A |---------------5--5--x--x--5/7--7--7--7/9---|
E |--------------------------------------------|


Part B:
this part comes at about 3.38
E |----------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------------|
G |--5s-----5-----5-----5--5--7--5s-----5-----5-----5--5--7--| 
D |--5s-----5--2--5--2--5--5--7--5s-----5--2--5--2--5--5--7--|
A |--3s-----3--2--3--2--3--3--5--3s-----3--2--3--2--3--3--5--|
E |------------0-----0---------------------0-----0-----------|

E |--------------------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------------------|
G |--5-5-5-5-----------------------------------|
D |--5-5-5-5-etc......-------------------------|
A |--3-3-3-3-(play the c-chord a lot of times--|
E |--------------------------------------------|

there is an outro solo at the end of the song somewhere around
4 minutes into the song (give or take 20 seconds), i don't have
time to figure it out, however, if you would like to write you own
little solo for it (like i have) the below notes will work just really
good for a solo.  If you do it right, it could sound really great. 
The notes are in no particular order, just from high to low, work with
it see what happens.
E |---------------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------------------------|
G |---------------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------0--2--4--6--7--9--11--14--16--18--19---|
A |----------0--2--4----------------------------------------|
E |-0--2--4-------------------------------------------------|

E |----------------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------(7--8--10--12--14--15--17--19)-|
G |--7--9--11--14--16--18--19--------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------|

E |-(7--9--10--12--14--15--17--19)-|
B |--------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------|

work with it
p.s. the notes in the parenthesis, i don't use 'em, it sounds 
better if you don't but if you want to go ahead

there is probabaly tons of corrections to be made.  Either E-Mail me
or just make the changes.  Any suggestions, comments, requests, 
THANK-YOU notes, or anything else, just e-mail me (OllieOne@aol.com).
have fun with the song.

don't forget, print it out on the NOTEPAD