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Alphara Chords


Verse 1
Em               G             A              Em
Fighting in the arrival of the south American troops
Em              G                 A         Em
Fighting to the hearts istink and burst the cloud
Em                  G                 A                  Em
Never knowing whats going on with the airs pollututional stink
Em           G             A               Em
Gunshots for those who are sleeping in the warmths

Em    G     A              Em
Aggggghhhhh diging out the cold
Em    G     A    Em
Aggggghhhhh alphara
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Verse 2
Em                    G                 A              Em
Ships are passing the whole tarran game blowing up the war
Em                  G                 A               Em
Screeching past and shooting innocent people with the gods
Em              G                A            Em
Manaquent and experienced way of fighting the war
Em          G                A            Em
There was a big shelter that everyone hid under



Verse 3
Em            G             A         Em
Just then the war ended and come to a stop
Em           G                      A              Em
Everyone was pleased and happy that we were not in war
  Em              G           A        Em
A couple of years after that another suprise
Em            G           A             Em
We had been invaded again for World War Two

Cores (X2)