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The Insider Chords

Intro ~ Am F C Em

F                          Am  
You take it to your shoulder
     G               F        
You throw it all away
You waste another soldier
  G                 F
Another price to pay

F                             Am
And deep inside you're bleeding
        G                    F
From the first until the last
You're lost between the numbers
      G          F
You're incomplete

F              G
I don't wanna go there
Read my mind
I'm not gonna stay

Chorus ~
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bunkface/the_insider_crd.html ]
C                               G
I've been living in a pocket of a monster
Another shadow of a liar
I'll never say surrender
     G               C
And so the story goes on
You wanna be a prior
Another victim in the fire
Save a soul
Here we go

Am F C Em

~ ulang mcm kat atas ~

You live a spell you're under
You're married to the game
You wish upon your master
You get the name and fame

And there's no turning back
Your life is on the line
You're lost between the numbers
Youre incomplete

I don't wanna go there
Read my mind
I'm not gonna stay


Am G F Em

Ending ~ Em D Em F

p/s lebih afdal kalo main gune power chord :p