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Soldier Chords


Am Em x2

Verse 1:
             Am              Em                  Am              G 
You are the soldier, a rising sun.. Wait for the heyday look far away...
       F                     C                    G      
And believing yourself your name on the shelf, a legend...

Verse 2:
             Am              Em                    Am             G
You are the soldier the chosen one, bring back the heyday look far away..
         F                  C                   G
With respect and decay , forever we'll stay,  together...

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             Am                 Em           Am                Em          
And singing life is all that we need, but the lies is all that we see
          Am                   Em          
Raise your hands high up in the sky, 
          F              G             
missing secrets you'll fine,  
         Am   F              C   G           Am     F     C     G
in your heart... in your heart.... in your heart...

Verse 3

             Am                   Em                
You are the soldier, light up the night.. 
            Am                    G 
We are the soldiers, we'll stand in fight..
        F                 C                     G           
At the end of the day, forever we pray for the legend


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