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Water Sleepers Chords


Intro: A

              C#m                   Em(VII)       
You tell them you don't know how to live
Bm                                  Dm                   A
Caught in the act of making up your deathbed on the wake

               C#m           Em(VII)
Wake up you're dreaming your head's starving
you're digging up the plants you love
because you heard the stars were root-bound
they're root-bound

             C#m             Em(VII)
wake up your dancing dancing lifeless legs
        Bm                                      Dm
they're antennas are picking up the sounds that whales make
whale song is love
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                C#m           Em(VII)
well they can't help it ah we can't help it
following the signals from the deep we pay off the cross-road
Dm                       A
gods with our accidents

     C#m             Em(VII)
initiation catch you in the act
of thinking you were doing something else
         Dm                           A
by going for a sunday dive head-first

Instrumental: C#m Em(VII) Hm Dm A 3x

              C#m                  Em(VII)
suddenly it's dark out too dark to swim
lord the water's got it in for us
             Dm                                  A
and we're perpetually half-in caught in the act

Outro: C#m Em(VII) Bm Dm A 3x