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Twin Falls Chords

This tab was ..... tabbed by my guitar instructor Tyler Tullock. 
The whole song is bar chords. This tab is for the live, acoustic version of
Built to Spill's Doug Martsch singing Twin Falls.

D x C#mi x Bmi x E x Dmi x
  5      4     2   7     5
  7      6     4   9     7
  7      6     4   9     7
  7      5     3   9     6
  5      4     2   7     5
D                    C#mi         Bmi          E
Christmas Twin Falls Idaho is her oldest memory

D            C#mi  D                     Dmi 
She was only two, the first time she felt blue

D           C#mi   Bmi      E  D              C#mi     D              Dmi 
Cafeteria Harrison Elementary, Beneath The parachute, saw her without shoes

D        C#mi             Bmi             E

7-UP I touched her thumb, she knew it was me
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D                     C#mi   D                    Dmi
Although she couldn't see....Unless of course she peeked

D                 C#mi         Bmi         E
My Moms good she got be out of Twin Falls Idaho

D                C#mi D                 Dmi
Before I got too old, you know how that goes

D                     C#mi    Bmi               E
Thats where she still was the summer she turned 17

D   C#mi  D                Dmi
1983.....three weeks after me

D                C#mi             Bmi          E
Last I heard was she had twins or maybe it was three? 

D                   C#mi  D                Dmi
Although I've never seen, except for in my dreams

Thats the whole song, pretty cool song if you ask me. Toddthemighty@comcast.net