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Things Fall Apart Chords


A little variation, so you can play the little melody along with the chords.


Intro: Am C G D
  Am          C           G            D

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Am               C             G          D
   came into the darkness from out of the blue
Am              C          G            D
   I don't know much but I know what to do
Am             C        G            D
   froze in my mind I believed it so long
Am C       G      D 
   alright I'll admit I was wrong

stay out of my nightmares stay out of my dreams
you're not even welcome in my memories
when things are alright and I want what I got
it's only momentarily thought

fade out 8x

Em  C      Am        D   
 if no one thinks of no one
 then no one believes in no one
 and no one fucks with no one
 when no one's afraid of no one

Em C Am D 4x

Am C G D...

we've all seen enough now it's time to decide
the meekness of love or the power of pride
it doesn't matter if you're good or smart
goddamn it things fall apart

let's go for a walk yeah let's go for a drive
don't know how to say thanks for being alive
let's go for a lifetime let's go for a fling
don't know how to say anything

Am C G D...