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			     DONE  Built to Spill
Tabbed by: Benson
Email: dontcallmebenny@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

This tab is based on the live version, the album cut has about ten overdubbed guitar tracks!!

Verses: Just back and forth between E and Amaj7

E        Amaj7 E       Amaj7
loneliness is getting hard to perceive 
E        Amaj7 E       Amaj7
seems it never comes or it never leaves 
E        Amaj7 E       Amaj7
every day we step into some deceit 
E        Amaj7 E       Amaj7
this should bring the ill-defined to their feet 

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Fm   Amaj7 
it's forgiven 
E    B
it's for you 
Fm   Amaj7
all your problems 
E    B
will come true 
Fm   Amaj7
said it once 
E    B
I'll say it once again 
Fm   Amaj7      E   B hammer on the sus4
this won't make you happy 

Outro Riff: Play ad nauseum, solo over in Emajor

  4 times        4 times