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This is an easier way to play this song.  To have it in the same key as the record, capo at the third fret
and play the chords respective to that.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/built_to_spill/car_crd_ver_2.html ]
G                d                    em 
You get the car, I'll get the night off 
you'll get the chance 
c                         em                     d 
to take the world apart and figure out how it works 
am               d                            em 
dont let me know what you find out 
I need a car you need a guide who needs 
If I dont die or worse, im gonna need a nap 
at best Ill be asleep when you get back 
G           d                 em 
I wanna see it when you find out 
        c                                                    G 
what comets, stars, and moons are all about 
             d                   em                                        c 
I wanna see the faces turn the backs of heads and slowly get smaller 
G            d         em 
I wanna see it now 
G            d        c 
I wanna see it now 
G           d                    em 
I want specifics on the general idea 
c           em                           d 
I want to think what I should know 
c                   am                        em 
what should I do me why d'you show 
G            d   am                 c 
I wanna see movies of my dreams 
G            d                 em                        c                        G 
I wanna see it when you get stoned on a crowded breazy desert afternoon 
            d                em                c 
I wanna see it untamed itself and blamed its owner 
G           d            c 
I wanna see it now! 
(out solo) 

That's it. Not to many BTS tabs on the net. This is the only one I found.