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Shoulder Chords

Verse 1

G                 Bm7
Everybody needs a friend now and then
To come and pick their heart up again
         Bm7           C
When everything gets shattered
 G               G/F#
Everybody needs someone to understand
Someone just to come and hold their hand
    Bm7              C
To be there through disaster
         D                        G
And Iím gonna be there for you, so

 C            G       D                                 G
When youíre crying I want to be the shoulder you lean on
 C            G       D                                      G
When youíre lonely, Iím never gonna leave you so just hold on
  C            G       D                           B    Em
When youíre crying, I want to be the shoulder you lean on
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Verse 2
 G                      D6                               Em
You say you donít need anyone But I know when you come undone
          Bm7          C            G               Bm7
That you might change your story I donít know if youíre listening
                        Em            D6                      C
But when you feel like giving in Iím gonna hold you in these arms
 D                               G
Cause all I am is a word away, so

 Repeat CHORUS

If youíre on top of the world and you fall down
Youíre shaking inside and you canít find your ground
               G                  D
When you lose yourself, God will find you
             A                                     C
You need to know that the door is open When you're broken
                  G     D G D
Come on, step on through

 Repeat Chorus

A C G D6 Em C