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Above It All Chords

Capo 4th fret

| G / / / | G/F# / / / | Em / / / | C / / / |

        G W/D                            G/F#
Oh I'm waiting for the answer to the question in my soul
     Em                   C
Lord why did you lead me here?
          G                           G/F#
'Cause I, I take a look around and a desperate world surrounds me
       Em                             C
I know I'm not of this place, but its here and in my face

          Em       G/F# C
All that I am wants to run
            Em     G/F#    A
God I feel helpless and undone
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       G W/D         C2
Lift me up above it all
             Em         D
I'm feeling broken and alone
Don't let me turn to stone
        G W/D           C2
Lift my heart above it all
      Em           D
I've lost my hope tonight
         Em                 D                  G               A
And (We cannot stand stand alone) I'm (we're) praying for the strength to 
  C                             D        G       
carry on Lord will you lift me above it all

G G/F#       Em C
   Above it all

         G                            G/F#
Now I'm waiting for a glimpse of hope in an eye
       Em                              C
But a flash of sunlight shows a faded gray
Cause these streets are hard and cold
        G/F#                           Em
And the alleys burn like coal with a stench of helplessness
And all the life that's been misspent

Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus 

Em            D           C
Maybe I'm not supposed to fly
Em              G        D
Maybe you want me here tonight

Repeat Chorus 2X

| G / / / | G/F# / / / | Em / / / | C / / / | [x3]