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Bugsy Malone Chords

Bugsy Malone - Title Theme
Tabbed by Parkie - Leaningonmyspade@gmail.com

D7/F# - 200212

Verse 1
C             E7
He's a sinner, candy-coated
For all his friends he always seems to be alone
F                G7        C    G
But they love him, Bugsy Malone 

Verse 2
C              E7
A city slicker, he can charm you
       F                       D7/F#
With a smile and style all his own
C         Am         G7           C
Everybody loves that man, Bugsy Malone 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/bugsy_malone/bugsy_malone_crd_ver_2.html ]
Chorus  (All barred until the D7)
B                          Em     
Hot-headed Bugsy makes his mind up
Don't mess with Bugsy or you'll wind up
                                D7     D7/F#
Wishing you'd left well enough alone
He's a man, a mountain he's a rolling stone

A---------0----2----|  (G chord)

Verse 3
C                      E7      
And will he leave you, sad and lonely cryin'
F                       D7/F#
I couldn't say but it's known
C         Am         G7           C    G
Everybody wants that man, Bugsy Malone

*Repeat the chords of verse 1 & 2 over a sexy sax solo. 
Finish on a barred C, on the 8th fret 

Big love x