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Peanut Butter Conspiracy Chords

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From: Mike Hall 

@SONG: Peanut Butter Conspiracy
@CHORDS: Mike A. Hall (mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu)
Peanut Butter Conspiracy
By: Jimmy Buffett

C                  G
Looking back at my hard luck days
  F                 C
I really do have to laugh
C                     G
Working in a dive for twenty six dollars
F                  G
Spending it all on grass
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F              C
We were hungry hard luck heros
F                   G 
Trying just to stay alive
F                   C
We'd go down to the corner drug
D                   G
This is how we'd survive
     Who's going to steal the peanut butter?
     F                    C
     I'll get a can of sardines
     Running up and down the aisle of the mini mart
     F                    G
     Sticking food in our jeans
        F                    C
     We never took more than we could eat
               F                  G
     There was plenty left on the rack
     F                  C   
     We all swore if we ever got rich
     G                          C    
     We would pay the mini mart back
     F   C     F   C
     Yes sir!  Yes sir!
     G                          C  
     We would pay the mini mart back

It was a two man operation
Had it all down on a note
Ricky would watch that big round mirror
And I'd fill up my coat

Then we'd head for the checkout aisle
With a lemon and a bottle of beer
Into to the car, got to make it on home
Supper time's gettin' near

(Repeat chorus)

I guess every good picker has had some hard times
I sure had my share
It's really kind of funny to laugh at it now
But I don't want to go back there

So every now and then when I'm in the grocery
I take a little but not much
You never know when those hard times will hit you
And I don't want to lose my touch

(Repeat chorus)