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Far Side Of The World Chords

Far Side of the World 
By Jimmy Buffett
Submitted by SWKeddy


G        D       G       D       G	    D        A7 

Verse 1 
D                    G            
Ramadan is over, the new moon shows its face 
    A7                             G      A7     D
I'm halfway around the planet in a most unlikley place 
D			  G
Following my songlines past bamboo shacks and shops 
           A7				     G	     A7      G   D   G   D
Behind a jitney packed like sardines with bananas piled on top. 

(verses are all same as above)

I ran away from politics, it's too bizarre at home 

Away I flew, tuned in the blue, maybe Amsterdam or Rome 

Awakened by a stewardess with Spain somewhere below 

On the threshold of adventure, God I do love this job so 

Chorus 1 
         G       D             A7        D
So I¹ll make my move down that big board game 
     G                   D 
Up and down that Spanish Highway 
    A7              D
Things remain the same 
G            D        A7         Bm      
Girls tease boys and boys tease girls 
     G                D             A7              G     D G D G D A7
Im headin out this morning for the Far Side of the World 
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Oh I believe in songlines, obvious and not 
I've ridden them like camels to some most peculiar spots 
They run across the ocean, through mountains and saloons 
And tonight out to this desert where I sit a top this dune 

I was destined for this vantage point though so far from the sea 
I've read it in the pages of Saint-Exupery 
From Paris to Tunisia, Casablanca to Dekar 
I was riding long before I flew through the wind and sand and stars 

Chorus 2 
Caravan, ride that hump To Timbuktu a jillion bumps
Sleeping bags and battle flags are coiled and curled
Hey, that's the way it happens on the far side of the world 

Sunset frame by lightening bolts pours a lasting memory 
And a ton of tiny twinkling lights adorn the sausage tree 
While The embers from the log fire they flicker, fly, and twirl 
Then drift off toward the cosmos for the far side of the world 

It's christmas and my birthday and soon to that extent 
The Masai not the Wise Men are circling my tent 
I teach them how to play guitar, they show me how to dance 
We have rum from the Caribbean and burgundy from France 

New Year's Eve in Zanzibar with Baboo and his boys 
High up on the roof top you can relish all the noise 
They're dancing on the tables, people bouncing like a gazelles 
2-0-0-1 is ushered in with air raid horns and bells 

Chorus 3 

Time to sing, time to dance 
Living out my second chance 
Cobras and Sleeping bags are coiled and curled
That's the way it happens on the far side of the world 

Back at home its afternoon, 6000 miles away 
It'll still be there when I get through attending this soiree 
There are jobs and chores and questions and plates I have to twirl 
But tonight I'll take my chances on the far side of the world 

Yeah that's the way it happens on the far side of the world. 

(thats why we wander and follow la vie danante)