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No Sun Today Chords

No Sun Today

A                G   
Had a dream last night, 
         A                  G
You came walking through my life
The sun was shining 
               F              E   E7 
And there were teardrops all around

A                 E
Thereíll be be no sun
A                       E
Thereíll be be no sun today (repeat)
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Since you came my way
I canít seen nothing but grey
And the raindrops keep falliní
Without a sound


The way you look is so darn pretty
     E		       F#7	
With any other guy you make a killiní
Itís plain to see, youíre meant for me
      E                          E7
Cause I can tell when youíre not pulliní

So my love please go, 
For the reasons that you know
And youíre turning my head 
Round and round


by: Josť Duarte