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Hot Dusty Roads Chords

 Hot dusty roads, written by Stephen Stills & Richie Furay
   Standard Tuning.
  key: A
## Some versions are in a different key  ##

Chords used:

    A       G      D       Daug      E7      D7sus2           OR:     Daug

            A            G                        D               Daug
I don't tell no tales about no hot dusty roads
          A                            D   A            E7
I'm a city boy and I stay at home
       A                  G                        D               Daug
I make no excuses I just don't want to roam
             A                D         A          E7
And I don't like being alone

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 E7                 A                  G               D               Daug
I give you loving and a place to take off your shoes
                    A                                 E7
It does surprising things for a case of the blues
                    A                  G                    D         Daug
It ain't no club, you don't have to pay no dues
         A               D                    A            E7
You just love me and I love you

        D                              D
And if you take some pride
In being alive
                    A                       G         A
If you're interested in looking inside
                        A  Ab  G
Of yourself
Just drop on by
D                           D
Baby ask me why
        G                                          E            D7sus2
At least you don't have to be by yourself

                       A                  G             D      Daug
Just come knock, most likely I'll be there
Then you look around
Find a comfortable chair
                          A                           G               D
And then you sit, and you might think about
                  Daug                              A                  E7
Why he's there, I can't tell you why, only where

Solo:    A  G  D  Daug   A D A E7      X2

    Then repeat the last   two verses  plus the first one.

Enjoy !