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Give Me Chords

Give Me By Buddy Holly 

this is a very rare song and the original is very hard to understand this is what 
i think the song is

Capo II

Intro: D G A

Verse 1

D          G      A      D        G            A 
Give Me, a little kiss, one night you'll never miss

    G    A        G   A  
and tell me, you love me so

D       A        D
give me a little kiss
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Verse 2
     D         G   A      D         G      A
Give Me A little call, call me your turtle dove

  G  A     G      A  D        A     D
hug me and squeeze me with all your might

give me a little call.


Give me give me a little smile

make my life, all worth while
give me all of your love and charm

stay right here, here in my arms

(repeat everything)

D                     G G A
Give me a little kiss