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Fools Paradise Chords

Fools Paradise by Buddy Holly

Capo II

Verse one:
You took me up to heaven, when you took me in your arms.

I was dazzled by your kisses, blinded by your charms.
I was lost in a fool's paradise.

A                  B
Good and lost in a fool's paradise.

Verse two: Repeat above
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When you told me that you loved me, I gave my heart to you.
And I wondered if there could be any truth in love so new.
I was lost in a fools paradise.
Good and lost in a fool's paradise.


The whole world was my kingdom
And your love the gem in my crown.
Then I saw you glance at a new romance
And my love came tumbling down.

Verse three: Repeat first

Well you treat me kinda coolish and may never let me know
That you think I'm being fooling because I love you so
I'll still get lost in a fool's paradise.
Lost with you in a fool's paradise.