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Alberquerque Chords

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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 12:53:50 -0500
From: daniel r planas 
Subject: TAB: "Alberquerque" by Buck O' Nine from the album "28 teeth"

tabbed by daniel

Intro - played with power chords

C B C-B-G 
G D E(hi)C 
G D C B C B C-B-G 

Verse 1 - play bar chords in the E form clean with ska type rhythm

G                          C                                
I didn't mean to blow you off 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/buck_o_nine/alberquerque_crd.html ]
I never really thought to call you
G                   D                 C             G
When I saw you yesterday you said everything was fine
And all this laughing means I'm running away 
              G                    C
Because the things we had are fucked 
and the things we had are gone

Chorus - back to power chords

G               D             C    G
Sometimes it takes so long to wake up 
G                       D          C B C-B-G
What's the matter with my life anyway (repeat)

Verse 2 - same as first verse

Well friends around me like to talk I guess they wanna know
If I'm gonna get a job or if I'm gonna sleep till noon
And all these people need to keep their mouth shut
Cause in the end the choice is mine 
You never heard me asking you


Bridge - power chords

D Eb E                    D
     Don't wanna play a part
D Eb E                    D
     Don't wanna play a part
     C                    D
     Cause I'm living on living
     C                    D
     Cause I'm living on living

Final verse 

So I guess I know who my friends really are 
All those times it came to stealing never let me go that far
And when you told me not to smoke it but I did
And it took me far away yeah it took me far away

Chorus - play last chorus a bunch of times

I spent lots of time playing this song
and tabbing it out, so I'll be damned if
there's a mistake in it. But if you find 
one let me know. I'm open to suggestions 
and requests. E - mail me at rdp@juno.com from 
now on.