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How Do Ya Feel Tonight Chords

I've Looked over the other tabs for this song and they're good but they just don't sound 
I'm 99.9% sure this is correct. The song may have a capo somewhere (I think 1st fret).

Before I begin I'd like to comment on how brilliant a songwriter Bryan Adams is and what 
honour it is to be able to somewhat contribute to his music by tabbing out this amazing song.

Am/B x20010 (Focus mainly on the low b note on the 5th string)

This riff is played numerous times throughout the song:
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Bryan Adams
How Do Ya Feel Tonight
Tabbed By: Curtis M
Em               G
Is there anybody out there
D                     Am
Anyone who's loved in vain
                Am/B     C
And anyone who feels the same
Em               G
Is there anybody waiting
D                       Am
Waiting for a chance to win
                  Am/B    C
To give it up and start again

Em                    G
We all need something new
Something that is true
And someone elso to feel it too

        Em          G
Cause I feel so high
D                 A
No one else would know it
Bm               D
Don't know why I feel the way I do
        Em          G
Cause I can't let go
D                 A
I'm not scared to show it
Bm                    D
Being here feels right

Tell me how do ya feel tonight

Verse-2 (Same Chords as verse one)
Is there anybody out there
Anyone who can explain
And anyone who feels my pain
Is there anybody dreaming
Dreaming of a better day
When everything goes your way

Chorus, Etc.

This is pretty well the whole song. Enjoy! Please rate this tab so I know whether it 
as much sense to you as it does to me.