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From: arildb@edvarda (arild buanes)
Subject: CRD/LYR: Stephen Bruton: Too Many Memories

Here is a nice ballad by Stephen Bruton (joined by Bonnie Raitt on 
harmony vocals). Corrections (both lyrics & chords) are welcome.

Too Many Memories

G        |C    G    |         |Am7   |

(The intro figure is played off a G chord shape with an occasional E on the 
4th string)

G               D    G                   C       D
I remember this town   with a girl by my side
      Em          C                     G
And a love seldom found in this day and time

(chords repeated for all verses)

And it gets melancholy ev'ry now and again

When you let your mind go and it drifts way back when

Life plays it's tricks some cruel but fair

And even a fool can't pretend they don't care
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             D        Em           C            G
When there's too many memories for one heart to hold
       D         Em                  C           G
Once a future so bright now seems so distant and cold
         D            G             D            G
When the shadows grow long and your eyes look so old
             C                                  G
When there's too many memories for one heart to hold

There are those moments, and they just never fade

Like the look in her eyes and the way that life played (?)

God moved in that moment and the angels all cried

And they gave you a memory that you'll have till you die

Now the lesson you learn and you don't dare forget

What makes you grow old is replacing hope with regret

Chorus (with minor variations;2 lines starting with "And" in stead of "When":)

And there's too many memories....

And the shadows.....

And now a couple of requests: 
     "Mary watches everything" by Luka Bloom (I need the chords)
     "Where have you been" by OHO (I need the lyrics, I got the chords 
      and the cool picking pattern in the intro)

Arild Buanes
Institute of Social Science
University of Tromsoe