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Grimm Freak Chords

 g              em    c

tell me how to get away
em            g          c
i want to be in hell today
g               em       c
get me out of all this pain
em           g          c
god has made me go insane

g            em       c
backwards cross and pentagram
em            g                    c
death to the christians this is the devils land
g                em              c
crush them all and make them bleed
em             g       c
why cant you people see

g  em    c

tear em up 
em  g   c
lets crucify
g   em    c
messiahs dead 
em   g    c
not in the sky

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g                 em      c
hang me up and pierce my soul
em            g           c
god is dead so just let go
g             em          c
grimson reapersand grimson people
em     g    c
burn the church
g    em     c
and fuck the steeple

em              g          c
all i wanna do is ask you why
g           em                 c
now i gotta now i gotta now i gotta die

em       g     c
so today im on my way
g     em     c
to hells home
em    g     c
were ill stay

g             em         c
give me war or give me peace 
em              g           c
silence is a fuckin disease
g          em           c
barrels full of fire and brimstone
em               g            c
theres no one here and im not alone