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Thunder Road Chords

                 THUNDER ROAD - Bruce Springsteen

Transcribed by Dan Morris (

Capo 1


E g#m A B

      E                 A       E
    A screen door slams, Mary's dress waves
    Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays
                                B                  E                 A
    Roy Orbison singing for the lonely, hey that's me and I want you only
                                E                       B
    Don't turn me home again, I just can't face myself alone again

          E                        A                      E
    Don't run back inside, darlin, you know just what I'm here for

    So you're scared and you're thinking that
    Maybe we ain't that young any more
    Show a little faith, there's magic in the night
                E                         A
    You ain't a beauty but hey you're all right
           E                   B
    Oh and that's alright with me
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            E                            c#m
    You can hide beneath your covers and study your pain,
         E                               A
    Make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain
    E                 g#m                   A                         B
    Waste your summer praying in vain for a savior to rise from these streets
             E                  c#m
    Well now I'm no hero that's understood
              E                            A
    All the redemption I can offer girl is beneath this dirty hood
    E                        g#m              A                   B
    With a chance to make it good somehow hey what else can we do now except
    E                        A                 E
    Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair
                                        g#m                   A
    Well the night's busting open these two lanes can take us anywhere
    We got one last chance to make it real
       E                            A
    to trade in these wings on some wheels
                            E                   B
    Climb in back, heaven's waiting down on the tracks

    E       c#m                 E                    A
    Oh come take my hand  We're ridin out tonight to case the promised land
    E  g#m              A                B
    Oh oh thunder Road, oh thunder road, oh thunder road
    E                      A/C#
    Lyin' out there like a killer in the sun
        E                        A
    Hey I know it's late, we can make it if we run
    E  g#m                  A           B             E
    Oh oh thunder road, sit tight, take hold, thunder road

           A                     B                      E
    Well I got this guitar and I learned how to make it talk
           c#m                                         A    B
    And my car's out back if you're ready to take that long walk
              A                       B
    From your front porch to my front seat
           g#m                     c#m
    Door's open but the ride ain't free
         A             A/G#      f#m                E
    Well I know you're hunry for words that I ain't spoken
    Well tonight we'll be free, all the promises will be broken

               E                             A             E
    There were ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away
                    E                       g#m
    They haunt this dusty beach road in the skeleton frames of
    burned-out Chevrolets
    They scream your name at night in the street
                    E                          A
    Your graduation gown lies in rags at their feet
               g#m                                    A
    And in the lonely cool before dawn you hear their engines roaring on
                 A                         B           A                  f#m
    But when you get to the porch, they're gone on the wind so Mary climb in
           A                       B                       E
    It's a town full of losers I'm pulling out of here to win



A A/G# A/F# A/E
B B/A B/G# B/F#

Dan Morris