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From: "Corporate Rock Records" 
Subject: CRD: "Proud" by The Bruce Lee Band
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 16:30:56 PST

Artist: The Bruce Lee Band
Song: "Proud"
Album: The B. Lee Band
Transcribed by: Roy J. Burks 

This song is pretty easy but it's the best song on 
the Bruce Lee CD! All these chords are played full 
barre with lot's of upbeats!

Intro:            oh  oh oh oh oh oh
        F, Bb, F, C, C, C, Bb, A, G 
saxes come in repeat intro
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F                                Bb                F
My life my heart my music I have bled for this and 
                       Bb                 F
I belive in what I do I'm not a fake and no one 
knows the love and hate fighting crying time I've 
F      Bb                                   F
spent something that I have worked so hard for
C    C  C Bb  A  G
oh, oh,oh oh oh  oh

F     Bb                  C             Bb          
I' am proud and this was done by us and no one else 
       F     Bb           C             Bb         
but us I am proud I'm not ashamed and I belive in 
          F   Bb                 C         Bb       
what I do I'm proud and I don't wanna be a star coz 
I don't care

repeat intro progression
repeat verse
repeat chorus twice end on 2nd chorus

That's it folks there are a ton of good songs on The 
Bruce Lee Band CD and I'll send Mr. Hanalei as soon 
as I can!
Peace, Love and Empathy ------Roy J. 

"Corporate Rock Records: Screwing up the industry for the good of the 
little guy!"
Yes We Are A Record Company!

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