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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 20:31:11 -0500
From: Shelly Nelson  (by way of cal woods)
Subject: b/bruce_lee_band/mr_hanelei.crd

Mr. Hanelei         The Bruce Lee Band
by Mike "Bruce Lee" Park
Transcribed by Brandon Nelson

Intro and verses are just  C  Am  F  G
The bridge is C5  A5

                             MR. HANELEI
C           Am
Please, Mr. Hanelei
          F               G etc.
Would you tell me what to do
Please, Mr. Hanelei
I don't know what to do
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And Alice hurt her back
Brother Greg almost drowned on a surfboard
A spider almost killed Peter
A wall decoration almost killed me
The teke, it is evil
I don't know what to do
So please, Mr. Hanelei
I don't know what to do

C5           A5 etc.
"Mr. Hanelei,
We found this evil teke
And it's bringin' us bad luck
Could you please help us?"
"When I was young
My father, he told me
Of an ancient burial ground
He said to never go
I never go."
But please Mr. Hanelei
Your our only hope
Then I will tell you...

      C        Am
So we went far away
    F                    G etc.
The bus driver said that we were crazy
And we went towards a cave
Leaving my popcorn as a trail to safety
And I like my popcorn
I like my popcorn
And we met Vincent Price
And his teke named Oscar
       F               G
And we have one man to thank
F                  G
We have one man to thank
F          G
One man to thank
C       Am
Mr. Hanelei

F       G etc.
Mr. Hanelei
Mr. Hanelei
Mr. Hanelei